The salon

The tea shop Dame Cakes came into being in 2002 in the former workshop of Ferdinand Marrou, the well known iron craftsman who created this building in 1902. After his death in 1917, the Roussel printers took over the building, until our arrival.

Today, it is a place for delicacies and relaxation, a place of elegance, a place not to be missed where people of all ages mix side by side for a light lunch or a tasty snack.

As well as the Mariage-Frères teas, the grand-mère hot chocolate, the Norman coffees and cakes, the tarts, the crumbles… both sweet and savoury, there are even more unmissable delicacies such as the chocolate fondant, the madelaines, the financiers…

All home made.

Two rooms welcome you into the tea shop, in a quiet and chic atmosphere, the ground floor more intimate, the first-floor with an exceptional view of the Notre Dame Cathedral. On nice days, our courtyard garden terrace lets you discover another side to Dame Cakes.