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With each new season, its new menu … We change regularly our pastries and savory dishes, in order to be in agreement with the products of season, but also to entertain your taste buds.

This summer discover at lunch time; Sandwich Clubs, great novelty of the house, salads, Pesto and goat bricks, cold beetroot soup, Norman cheese platter, pies and salty crumbles and of course, always our apple pastry and Neufchatel, a classic.

At tea time; Rhubarb & Raspberry Meringue pie, Crumbles, Norman apple pie, gourmet cottage cheese, many Cakes … and our selection of gluten-free cakes.


The Garden is open on sunny days, until mid September.
Located in a courtyard, let yourself be transported in this calm and flowery atmosphere, dominated by the bell tower of our Rouennaise Cathedral ..