We make our dishes according to seasonal products, always declined in Salty and Sweet version.
The salty inspired by the sweet with Crumbles, Pies, Cakes … with vegetables, and / or cheeses and on sunny days some fresh salads.
The sweetness inspired by the tea time of our childhood at our grandmothers with its soft textures, melting and crunchy, topped with almonds, fruits, chocolates or other delights.

We cook with pleasure our Norman products, like the famous Apple Pie.

To delight all taste buds, we offer a selection of Gluten-Free Pastries, and Vegetarian Dishes.

Some Indicative Prices :
“Formule” Lunch : Main Dish & Dessert 17,50 € / servi avec un Thé 21,50 €
“Formule” Gouter : a pièce of Cake & served with Tea or Hot Chocolate 9,50 €
“Formule” Child (-10 years ) Lunch : 9,90€ & Tea Time : 6,50€